Sunday, June 07, 2020

Free 3-day online conference: Health Information Behavior

From 8th- 10th June, each day at 2pm-5pm UK time (which is, e.g., 9am-12 noon US Eastern time) there is a free conference Information Science Trends: Health Information Behavior. It is organised by the European Chapter of ASIS&T (Association of Information Science & Technology). You need to register here.
I and Pam McKinney are presenting on the 10th June on the topic The information worlds of non-resident informal carers: stakeholder perceptions and I will post the slides here next week. This is the main programme:
 8th June: Inez Bailey (Title: Health literacy in practice in Ireland); Heidi Enwald, Kristina Eriksson-Backa, Noora Hirvonen and Isto Huvila (Title: Taking health information behaviour into account in user-centered design of e-health services - key findings from an ongoing research project); Noora Hirvonen (Title: Girls’ Positions and Authoritative Information Sources in Finnish Online Discourses on the HPV Vaccine) + 3 posters
9th June: Diane Pennington (Title: Health (mis)information behaviour in the Covid-19 era); Prasadi Kanchana Jayasekara (Title: Usage of social media in finding information related COVID-19); Kaitlin Costello (Title: Correcting health misinformation online: Collaborative crosschecking) + 2 posters
10th June: Christiane Grünloh (Title: My Work Tool” versus “My Body, My Data”: Conflicting stakeholder perspectives on digital data access); Sheila Webber and Pamela McKinney (Title: The information worlds of non-resident informal carers: stakeholder perceptions); Paulina Bressel (Title: #Recovery of Eating Disorders on Social Media); Carolanne Mahony, Ciara Heavin and David Sammon (Title: Health Information Use During Pregnancy)
Full schedule at (you need to scroll down the page some way to see the schedule).
Photo by Sheila Webber: Rose, May 2020

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