Tuesday, November 29, 2005

CAVAL infolit conference 2

I have just been given the web address of the CAVAL page with the presentations from the CRIG seminar held last Wednesday (23rd) in Melbourne, Australia (see right for a picture of delegates at the conference), so that is where I will refer you. Thanks to Valma Datson for the web address. It has the presentations that Bill and I gave (on our research on academics' information literacy, plus material on information literacy and educational development), plus the case studies that were presented in the afternoon. These case studies were:

Kerry Vickers, University of Melbourne: Undergraduate Sequenced Information Literacy Skills Program in the Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne
Beverly Forsyth, Latrobe University: Information Literacy Subject for Nursing Undergraduates
Joyce Jenkin, Monash University: Information literacy for the Health Sciences -essential
ingredients for successful collaboration

Narelle Love, Jo Reidy & Jacqueline Kapnoullas, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne Campus: Foregrounding information literacy in order to prepare international students for unfamiliar assessment tasks in Australia

This is where you can find the presentations: http://www.caval.edu.au/members/wpr/crig/pa/2005_papers.shtml