Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Xanga and infolit

I was having a look at Xanga ( , a blogging tool. To get a feel for the blogs there, I searched Xanga on Information Literacy. What I came up with were mostly entries from various (probably American) my-life blogs, saying things like (to take 5 different blog examples):

"It was a review day in my information literacies course... which meant... wait... it still a nap time... I hate that class... but don't mind some of my classmates"
"Monday's I have that stupid one credit course information literacy."
"Should of went to school today to work on a paper for Information Literacy, but when I woke up, I felt about as energetic as a dead man inside of a box."
"I'm also going to try and take [snip] Principles of Speaking--oh god..., Intro to Philosophy, Information Literacy...pointless class, Wellness Concepts...another pointless class"
.... though also ...
" Well anyways, class was great. I got another perfect on my Information Literacy Project! "

Mostly people weren't being that enthusiastic about other studies either. However, it was a salutary reminder about what students might be writing about my classes in their blogs....
(Photo by S. Webber: Hydrangea & spider's web, Oct. 2005)