Thursday, July 20, 2006

RDN becomes Intute

Behold! - on 13th July an incomprehensible acronym morphed into an enigmatic word. The Resource Discovery Network (RDN) has become Intute , which is not in the Oxford English Dictionary, and is even a mystery to Google. According to the Intute website "Intute is a composite word - derived from 'Internet' and 'Tutorial' - and is intended to convey the experiences of guided learning and online resource discovery."

But enough of this pleasantry. Intute includes the useful subject portals developed over the years with JISC support, like SOSIG (social sciences information) and BIOME (biomedical and health), and the Virtual Training Suite which has lots of tutorials on internet searching for people in different subject areas.

Photo by Sheila Webber: Great Keppel Island, June 2006.

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4thwall said...

"A mystery to google". Well that doesn't surprise me as most of academia is a mystery to google - which is why we have catalogues like the Intute in the first place.

Actually I thought the site looked pretty good.........