Monday, July 17, 2006


I have succumbed to Squidoo, a free online service that enables you to create information pages on anything you like. I really just started it up as an experiment and don't intend to make a major effort, but if you want to see the page it's at

I think there may be other uses for Squidoo, e.g. I saw one page someone had created specially for a training session. You can create a set of links, create some short text, put in RSS feeds and various other things. Of course, being free, it is possible that one day it will all disappear without trace into the ether.... I haven't yet explored it enough to find out what other useful Squidoo pages there are. It seems to have some useful stuff about "Library 2.0" if you are interested in that sort of thing.

This is the photo I've used in Squidoo (I think with some vague "life is a bowl of cherries" idea). The bowl is Radford pottery and the cherries are from my tree this month.

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Phil said...

I've got several lenses up on Squidoo now - stuff on web design (two of which I used on a course that I ran yesterday), some others of professional interest and a couple of personal ones.

I think it's fairly useful, though it has come in for some criticism, but I'll continue to use it for a while yet.