Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Looking at Liblogs

A posting from Phil Bradley on the British Librarian Bloggers list alerted me to a long article by Walt Crawford in which he identifies 213 librarian blogs and provides an interesting discussion about how he selected them. The "great middle" in the title (see below) refers to the fact that although there are a few blogs that can be identified as "top" in some way (most links, most postings etc.) there are a lot of librarian weblogs that at emerging as interesting or valued in one way or another - e.g. lots of comments, lengthy posts, lots of posts. The last part of the article includes an alphabetical list of the chosen blogs (including this one ;-) with a few lines on each. As Crawford says "As liblogs proliferate, they offer many more voices worth listening to. If you can’t find twenty or thirty blogs on this list that intrigue you enough to subscribe to, you either have a lot of feeds already or have narrow interests within the library field."
Crawford, W. (2006) "Looking at Liblogs: The Great Middle" Cites & Insights, 6 (10), 1-30.

Photo by Sheila Webber: Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2006.

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