Wednesday, July 18, 2007


In searching for TAFE material the other day (see below) I also was reminded of the EDNA website which includes a searchable catalogue of events, resources, articles etc. There is lots on it about teaching & learning, but I identified the following events:

The information literacy landscape. 5-7 October 2007, Belgrade, Serbia. Conference themes include: Critical thinking/evaluation of information; Teaching & Assessment of information literacy; Access to information: the 'have' vs. the 'have not'; Economic, legal, ethical, and social aspects of information literacy; Information beyond Google.

OpenEd 2007: Localizing and Learning, 26-28 September 2007. It "focuses on how open content is used by learners and teachers. Do open educational resources support learning in ways different from non-open resources? In what concrete ways do open educational resources support learning?" seminar: Generation MySpace. Brisbane, Australia, 6 August 2007. "danah boyd, an internationally recognised authority on the way people use networked social media, will be the keynote speaker at's second seminar for 2007 on social networking and its impact on students and education.

Photo by Sheila Webber: arrangement in Radford (pattern OS) vase, July 2007.

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