Sunday, July 15, 2007

Framework for Masters and Doctoral students

Thanks to the bibliotecarios 2-0 ("librarian 2.0", a Spanish blog) for alerting me to the French framework for information literacy for Masters and doctoral students, which was published earlier this year.

Noel, E. (Ed) (2007) Maîtrise de l’information des étudiants avancés (master et doctorat)Eléments pour une formation. FORMIST. The web address is
The document was produced as part of the June 2006 FORMIST conference, and subsequently (I think) approved for release by the Comité Editorial et Scientifique de FORMIST. It does not aim to be prescriptive, but to act as a tool and discussion document for those concerned with this issue. It seems to me interesting in not choosing the usual key categories, but the following (I hope I have translated correctly):

1 .Culture de l’information (I think perhaps "information environment")
2. Connaissance de l’information scientifique (Knowledge of scholarly information)
3. Recherche de l’information (Information seeking)
4. Analyse et exploitation de l’information (Analysis and use of information)

There are more specific objectives in each section, with some additional notes, an indication of whether it is required at Masters (level 1/2) and Doctoral, noting whether the objective is essential or desirable for student learning.

The PowerPoints from the FORMIST 2006 conference itself (on a Web 2.0 theme) are at
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NievesGlez said...

Thanks for cite my blog bibliotecarios 2.0, Nieves Gonzalez

neuromancien said...

"culture de l'information" is a translation of "information literacy".
A lot of french people like to use "culture de l'information" or "culture informationnelle" because the meaning is wider and less prescriptive.