Friday, October 08, 2010

Library instruction assessment

In a special issue with some paper from the COLIS7 conference (it also includes Isto Huvila's paper on the information behaviour of wikipedia authors), is:
Staley, S.M., Branch, N.A. & Hewitt, T.L. (2010). "Standardised library instruction assessment: an institution-specific approach" Information Research, 15(3) paper 436. "We explore the use of a psychometric model for locally-relevant, information literacy assessment, using an online tool for standardised assessment of student learning during discipline-based library instruction sessions." It takes as its starting point that "a uniform approach to assessment is critical to improving the instructional programme and providing a systematic basis for institutional support.", and I would argue with the first part of that premise (since that doesn't take account of issues such as the authenticity of assessment, and the learning context). However, it is an interesting article in approaching the investigation of this mode of assessment thoroughly, and they helpfully provide their survey instruments at the end.
Photo by Christopher Webber: me in Happy Valley, Llandudno, August 2010

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