Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ideas for the Health Information Literacy corner

This is a meeting in the virtual world, Second Life. You need the SL browser on your computer, and to have a SL avatar, to participate.
: Wednesday 20th October, 12 noon Second Life time, 8pm UK time, see for other times around the world
Where: iSchool/46/28/21/
What: There is a new "Health Information Literacy corner" on Infolit iSchool in Second Life. It currently has a health literacy quiz by Brielle Coronet, an HIV/AIDS information literacy exhibit by Robin Mochi, and (in the sky) a "Bird Flu" exhibit on a model of the 7 Pillars of information literacy. We will look at these, and also discuss further ideas for the corner.

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Unknown said...

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for the heads-up on this meeting. I'll try and make it.

You might be interested in a blog I wrote yesterday anout using 3D virtual environments for meetings instead of teleconferences: "The end of traditional teleconferences is virtually here"

I'm finding that after the silence of 2003-2005, the hype of 2006-2007, and the disillusionment of 2008-2009, businesses are now starting to become interested in virtual worlds again.

Fortunately this seems to be without the fervour of the early days; instead they are finally focusing on the real business outcomes!