Sunday, October 03, 2010

Affective information literacy; and; Calibrated peer Review

Two (moderately) recent articles from Portal. The first one advocates including emotional or attitudinal aspects in the ACRL standards (particularly interesting to me since my PhD student Phussadee Dokphrom identified attitudinal aspects as part of information literacy in her research) and another talking about an approach to teaching and assessment.
Schroeder, R. and Cahoy, E.S. (2010) "Valuing Information Literacy: Affective Learning and the ACRL Standards." portal: Libraries and the Academy, 10 (2), 127-146. "Higher education information literacy standards have readily addressed cognitive skills, although affective competencies—the emotional abilities that students must acquire in order to successfully navigate the research process—have not yet been incorporated into standards. This paper presents examples of current information literacy standards, integrating affective competencies or dispositions, including the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) 21st Century Learning Standards, and proposes a model for affective-focused higher education information literacy standards. "
Fosmire, M. (2010) "Calibrated Peer Review: A New Tool for Integrating Information Literacy Skills in Writing-Intensive Large Classroom Settings." portal: Libraries and the Academy, 10 (2), 147-163 . The steps in "Calibrated Peer Review" (CPR) as stated by Fosmire are (p148):
"Students are given a writing assignment"
"Students compose and submit their essay ... to the CPR software server."
"The CPR system then provides students with three instructor-created "calibration" essays to grade according to a provided rubric."
"After "passing" the calibration essays, to ensure they understand the grading criteria sufficiently, students receive three of their peers' essays to grade against the same rubric."
"Students then evaluate their own essays, and those scores are compared to a weighted average of peer evaluations to determine if the students accurately evaluated their own work."
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