Friday, October 01, 2010

#CKVI keynotes and final notes

Finally I will wrap up posts from the Creating Knowledge VI Conference held in Bergen, Norway, 8-10 September,
Firstly, all of the keynote talks (Johnston, Catts, Gynnild, Smith, Lapp, Whitworth, Mittelmark), plus the panel session, were videoed and can be viewed at

Secondly, I didn't say much about how the conference ran. A feature was that on the first day we were assigned to a group of about 8 people (named after a bird or animal, I was a Cormorant). Every day we had meetings, to reflect on what we had learnt from the proceedings. Our In the first session we had to agree what our key expectations were: most people mentioned discovering things through networking, and learning about new developments in other countries or institutions. Developing your ideas about information literacy was another common expectation, and a number of groups said they expected “inspiration” from the conference. The initial posters showing expectations are on the conference blog: here is the Cormorant's.
At the end of the first and second days we had to reflect on whether our expectations had been met, the things we felt we had learnt, and how we might use this in our practice. On the final day we had to produce a poster which illustrated the nature and challenge of diverse learners, and how we would meet the challenge. The winning poster is also on the conference blog. There were also a series of conference workshops, led by Susie Andretta, Sheila Corrall, Thomas Vibjerg Hansen and Nancy Goebel.

I have attended four Creating Knowledge conferences, and they have all been excellent: hopefully there will be another in 2012!
The picture shows three of the conference organisers contemplating the view from mount Fløyen, where we had our conference dinner (afterwards some of us walked down the mountain in the dark: it seemed like a good idea at the time).

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