Monday, December 20, 2010

Faculty award for IL: a nice idea

The University of Alberta Augustana Campus Library has a Teaching Faculty Award for the Support of Information Literacy since 2005. It is given to an Augustana Campus
teaching faculty member who has contributed consistently and notably to the promotion of information literacy, and has been nominated by staff or students.
Dr. Roger Epp, Dean of Augustana Faculty and Professor of Political Studies at Augustana, is the winner this year. There is a picture and short video here:
"Roger has really supported the teaching culture in the Augustana Library and enabled librarians to take a lead on Information Literacy initiatives both in and outside the classroom. He encourages and recognizes the innovation on the part of the librarians" noted Nancy Goebel, Augustana Head Librarian and Chair of the Award Committee.
This seems a good idea to encourage non-librarians to take information literacy seriously. They also have a Student Award for Library Research.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Snow a couple of weeks ago, Sheffield.

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