Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Media and Information Literacy resource

Andrew Whitworth has announced an interesting open educational resource, based on material that he uses on the MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education at Manchester University "This resource was developed as a collaboration between the School of Education and John Rylands University Library at the University of Manchester, and funded by the Higher Education Academy (Information and Computer Science subject centre)." "The original course was written by Andrew Whitworth (see links below). The conversion took place with the help of Steven McIndoe and Ian Fishwick of the John Rylands University Library, and Clare Whitworth, who worked to convert the Moodle materials." The Media and Information Literacy for Postgraduate researchers resource has an introduction, and the rest of it has used Bruce, Edwards & Lupton's Six frames of information literacy for the focus of the learning materials.
Photo by Sheila Webber: watering can yesterday (cf previous photo). Today you can't actually see it under the snow.

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