Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Library blog awards

Salem Press ask for nominations for awards for library blogs, with nominations closing on 13 May. the categories are:
General: Blogs providing broad discussions of library topics and trends (last year won by Libraries and transliteracy)
Blogs targeting academic librarians and academic institutions (last year one by No shelf required)
Public: Blogs addressing the challenges and triumphs of public librarianship (last year won by Agnostic, maybe)
School: Blogs covering topics relevant to school libraries and K-12 education (last year won by Bib 2.0)
Local: Institution-specific blogs promoting the interests of a public, academic, or school library (new category)
Commercial: Professional blogs written for profit, generally tied to a trade publication (new category)
Newcomer: Blogs by next-gen librarians who have only recently started blogging (new category)
Quirky: Character-driven blogs covering an array of library topics that defy categorization (last year won by Awful Library Books
The judges are all from North America, I think, but I don't think that the blogs have to be (so feel free to nominate this blog ;-)
The page with more info is: http://salempress.com/Store/blogs/blog_home.htm or just email ptobey@salempress.com with your nomination.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Charlton Park, May 2011

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