Monday, February 20, 2012

Information Literacy in LIS curriculum

I found a copy of this book chapter, which had vanished from its original location (previously blogged):
- Virkus, S., Boekhorst, A. K., Gomez-Hernandez J.A., Skov, A. and Webber, S. (2005) “Information literacy and learning.” In: Kajberg, L. and Lørring, L. (Eds) European Curriculum: Reflections on Library and Information Science Education. pp65-83. Copenhagen: The Royal School of Library and Information Science.

These are a few more items about this topic:
- Foster, A. E. (2007). Information literacy for the information profession: experiences from Aberystwyth. Aslib proceedings, 58(6),488-501.
- Webber, S. (2008) "Educating Web 2.0 LIS students for information literacy." In: Godwin, P. and Parker, J. (eds) Information Literacy meets Library 2.0. London: Facet. pp39-50. ISBN 978-1-85604-637-4 (prepublication final draft at
- Virkus, S. (2008) "LIS Education in Europe : Challenges and Opprtunities". In Informationskonzepte für die Zukunft : ODOK '07. Neugebauer Verlag. pp.191-204. This is online at

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