Saturday, December 01, 2012

New infolit books from Chandos

Apologies for the hiatus in blogging: I've been travelling to Canada to give some seminars on information literacy, this coming week. You will hear more about that! Meanwhile, here are a couple of recent books:

Huvila, I. (2012) Information Services and Digital Literacy: In Search of the Boundaries of Knowing. Chandos Publishing. ISBN: 9781843346838. The book "scrutinizes the role of information services and digital literacies in the age of the social web. Huvila argues that a central problem in the age of the social web and the culture of participation is that we do not know the premises of how we know, and in this book he closely examines the ways that interacting with information affects people’s actions." More info at

Andretta, S. (2012) Ways of Experiencing Information Literacy: Making the Case for a Relational Approach. Chandos Publishing. ISBN: 9781843346807. "Susie Andretta offers an investigation of the relational approach to examining information literacy from the perspective of the learner and the educator in both academic and other professional environments."
Photo by Sheila Webber: giant reindeer in Toronto

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