Thursday, December 13, 2012

Communications in Information Literacy new issue

New issue of the open access journal Communications in Information Literacy,
- Notes from the Field: 10 Short Lessons on One-Shot Instruction by Megan Oakleaf et al.
- Rethinking Information Literacy in a Globalized World by Laurie Kutner and Alison Armstrong
- Information Literacy on the Web: How College Students Use Visual and Textual Cues to Assess Credibility on Health Websites by Katrina L. Pariera
- Measuring the Impact of Library Instruction on Freshmen Success and Persistence: A Quantitative Analysis by Jason M. Vance, Rachel Kirk and Justin G. Gardner
- Collaboration and Problem-Based Learning: Integrating Information Literacy into a Political Science Course by Peg Cook and Mary Barbara Walsh
- Embedding Affective Learning Outcomes in Library Instruction by Ellysa Stern Cahoy, and Robert Schroeder
- Considering Information Literacy Skills and Needs: Designing Library Instruction for the Online Learner by Swapna Kumar, Marilyn Ochoa, and Mary Edwards
- Predictors of Student’s Attitudes toward Science Literacy by Irina I. Holden
- Engineering Integration: Building a Quick and Effective Faculty Seminar by Kate Peterson, and Jon Jeffryes[]=showToc
Photo by Sheila Webber: Courgettes, Farmers' market, St Lawrence market, Toronto, Canada, December 2012

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