Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Classic information literacy work on science and engineering

Anne Fullerton (pictured) was our host for the seminar on the Information Literate University at the University of Waterloo, Canada, last week. She is Biology and Chemical Engineering Librarian at University of Waterloo, and the author of a highly cited research paper that is still one of the few to cover this particular area, namely:
Leckie, G. and Fulleron, A. (1999) "Information literacy in science and engineering undergraduate education: faculty attitudes and pedagogical practices." College and Research Libraries, 60 (1), 9-29. Available full text at The abstract reads: "What are science and engineering faculty doing with respect to the development of information literacy in their undergraduate students? To explore this question, science and engineering faculty at two large Canadian universities were surveyed and interviewed regarding their perceptions of their students’ information literacy skills and their own pedagogical practices related to such skills. Faculty awareness of, and support for, a variety of bibliographic instruction methods and the perceived role of science and engineering librarians in information literacy instruction also were investigated. Based on the survey results, suggestions for the design of library instruction for science and engineering undergraduates are made."
Another paper drawing on the same research is:
Leckie, G. and Fulleron, A. (1999) "The roles of academic librarians in fostering a pedagogy for information literacy." In: Racing Toward Tomorrow, ACRL 1999 National Conference Papers
And more recently, this Powerpoint talks about the current situation at Waterloo:
Fullerton, A. and MacDonald, K. "Information Literate Students: Faculty and Librarians collaborate on a shared commitment"

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