Saturday, December 22, 2012

New report on reading habits

Yesterday the Pew American Life project released a new report on Reading Habits in Different Communities [in the USA]. They compare rural, urban and suburban populations, and asked about reading in print and on electronic devices. There are differences and "In the most meaningful ways, these differences are associated with the demographic composition of different kinds of communities — the age of the population, their overall level of educational attainment, and the general level of household income." (In other words, although it looks like there are differences between urban and rural, it is more to do with there being a larger proportion of partcular types (age/income/ethnicity etc.) of person in urban or rural settings.) Also, "The majority of Americans ages 16 and older (58%) have a library card and even more (69%) say the library is important to them and their families." There are summaries and the full report at:
Photo by S Webber: Christmas deco, London, December 2012

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