Monday, January 28, 2013

The Consumer Experience 2012: internet and telecoms

Ofcom produces a very useful annual report on the "[UK] consumer experience of telecoms, the internet, digital broadcasting and now postal services". Ofcom is the official British "watchdog" for consumers of telecoms etc. and their report uses large, robust population samples and has a lot of detail. The 2012 edition was published recently and some details include (from p13)
"Text messages are the most-used method for daily communication with friends and family. Around six in ten (58%) consumers said they use text message at least once a day to communicate with friends and family. This is higher than those who stated they communicate face-to-face (49%). Overall, two thirds (68%) of adults used any text based service compared to 63% using any voice based service.""Ownership of connected devices continues to rise – driven by the growth in both smartphone and tablet take-up. In total 82% of adults own at least one internet connected device. Among these devices the most significant increases since 2011 have been in ownership of smartphones (45% vs. 34%) and tablets (12% vs. 4%)."
"Just under a quarter of UK consumers access TV content online. Twenty-three per cent of internet users claimed to access TV content over the internet every week, this increases to 42% when asked whether they had ever accessed TV content over the internet."
Photo by Sheila Webber: Five in a line in the snow, Sheffield, January 2013

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