Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From information obesity to digital dieting

I don't always agree with Tara Brabazon 100% (e.g. if I was as organised an information manager as she advocates I probably never would have followed the thread that led to my encountering her article...) but her writings and talks are always thought-provoking. She recently published:
Brabazon, T. (2012) Time for a digital detox? From information obesity to digital dieting. Fast capitalism, 9(1).
Other articles in this issue (Fast Capitalism, volume 9 issue 1) include:
- They Blog, Therefore They Think: Composition 2.0 and Blogging toward Democracy, by Lorie Jacobs ("Rather than contributing to the demise of academic reason, in my view, the rise of social media signals a transition to a post-consumerist salon culture of discussion and collaboration in a true public sphere. ... By embracing the potential of social media within academic contexts, specifically first-year composition, we have the opportunity to shape new media and consciously engage students as emerging public intellectuals.")
- In Video Games we Trust: High-Speed Sociality in the 21st Century, by Graham Candy.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Winter branches at dusk, Hellingly, January 2013

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