Thursday, March 28, 2013

CILIP Presidential infolit challenge

Phil Bradley, President of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, has issued a challenge to create a 2 minute item about information literacy "in action". The prize is a free place at the Umbrella conference, including money towards accommodation costs, but not including travel costs. Phil writes:
"I’m looking for good professional practice presented in an interesting, arresting way which communicates well the key role played by the library/ information professional in enabling people to become more info savvy. I don’t want to be very prescriptive about exactly what you do or say, other than be creative! However, I’m leaving it up to you to decide exactly how to do this. You might decide to create a YouTube video, a podcast or an interactive poster using Glogster or something similar. Alternatively you might decide to do something on a smartphone or tablet device - it’s entirely up to you.
"The only rule I’ve got is that it can be no longer than 2 minutes. That’s pretty obvious for videos and podcasts, but for other material it might be more difficult, so use as a rule of thumb ‘can it be viewed in its entirety in 2 minutes?’ The main reason that there’s a time limitation is that I’m hoping we get lots of entries and I want to be able to properly look through each one. When you’ve finished it, simply provide us with a link to the resource on the web so I can wander on over and take a look. CILIP will wish to show/use the films that are sent in to showcase the work of the profession and be used as general advocacy tools by our members and possibly those who are external to the profession. Even if you’re not the eventual winner therefore, your work could still end up being seen by a wider audience."
The entries will be judged by Phil Bradley and Barbara Band, and the closing date is 1st May 2013. More info at
Photo by Sheila Webber: Snowman building, Botanic Gardens, Sheffield, last Saturday.

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