Thursday, March 21, 2013

cfp Everyday Language, Everyday Literacies

The call for papers for the conference Everyday Language, Everyday Literacies (to be held 28-29- June 2013 at the The Centre for the Study of Literacies @ Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK) closes on March 31.
"This conference will present keynote presentations and seminars around the theme of ‘Everyday Literacies’. The focus will be upon literacies as they are practiced in everyday life, embedded in social contexts. The conference will recognise literacy as a part of human behaviour; as a culturally situated act amongst individuals relating to identity and context. We welcome papers which understand literacy in its broadest sense and as a social practice. Literacies may be defined as local, global, multilingual, ephemeral, material, immaterial, formal or informal, virtual, liturgical, multimodal (etc). The conference will celebrate literacy as a diverse concept, as pluralised. Local, community and domestic practices are likely to be to the fore, with an emphasis on how literacy is embedded in particular everyday identities. Papers may or may not make reference to implications for policy."

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