Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Value and practice of social networks and social media in education; livestream 6 March #LSENetEd

The talk Value and practice of social networks and social media in education from Ellen Helsper, lecturer in Media and Communications at the LSE, will be on 6th March 2013, 3pm (UK time, which is e.g. 5 hours ahead of US Eastern time). It is an inperson event at the LSE (London, UK) but they aim to be live-streaming it to, so worth turning up on their site to check. http://clt.lse.ac.uk/events/networkED-seminar-series-09.php "Social media are used heavily by most students, the question is whether these should therefore have a place in education and whether there are limits to what they can do. This talk will be a dialogue between practical experience as a teacher and the research that Ellen has been involved in in relation to the use of (social) media by different social groups. ... The talk will be based on research regarding how different generations learn using new media, what we can learn from young people’s use of and capabilities in using social media and what we know about the adults that are educating these young people and the importance of social networks (in the traditional sense) in creating a comfortable online learning environment."
Photo by Sheila Webber: Snowy fern, Sheffield, January 2013

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