Sunday, March 10, 2013

WSIS + 10 meeting

At the end of February there was the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) + 10 meeting: it is "+10" as it is 10 years since the 2003 meeting in Geneva. At the same time there was a meeting for the ongoing work reviewing the Media and Information Literacy competencies and indicators. There is a good deal of information following on from the WSIS meeting. The main WSIS + 10 home page is here:

Notable is a final statment from the WSIS +10 meeting: It is a four page document, and perhaps the most relevant items for this blog are commitments to:
- "Support e-learning through a) the skills to effectively handle information that are reflective, creative and adept at problem solving to generate knowledge, b) transformative mechanisms that enable citizens to fully participate in knowledge societies and influence the decisions which affect their lives, c) the development of inclusive and open pedagogies and practices.
- "Promote information and media literacy as indispensable individual skills to people in the increasing information flow."

The Information for All Programme (IFAP) Bureau of UNESCO also met, and there is a 2 page document listing recommended actions are for 2013, and this includes "Submission of the IFLA Media and Information Literacy Recommendations to the 37th session of UNESCO’s General Conference for its consideration": (thanks to Woody Horton for alerting me to this)

Jane Secker was one of the people in the group reviewing the Media and Information Literacy competencies and she blogged about it briefly here.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Spring succulents and heather, Hailsham, March 2013

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