Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Final reports from #lilac13 - health literacy and teachmeet sessions

On 10th April we had a meeting in the virtual world Second Life (SL) in which Vicki Cormie (St Andrews University) and I highlighted sessions at the LILAC 2013 information literacy conference that we had particularly enjoyed. The SL meeting was attended by people from the UK and North America (picture, right). The complete chat log from the session is here:
I introduced a couple of sessions that I had blogged already. Vicki Cormie introduced the following (ones I haven't blogged, so I will give some details):

1. Vicky Grant and Liz Brewster: Creative pedagogies and health information literacy: the Storying Sheffield Knowing as Healing Project

The powerpoint is here:

The video is here:

The article that Vicky Grant co-wrote with a doctor is here

Vicki Cormie introduced it by saying "I am interested in Health Librarianship, having the Faculty of Medicine under my remit, although I am not so familiar with patient information. This session was fascinating covering a variety of diferent areas, from where and how patients get their information, using storytelling as both an information and therapeutic vehicle for patients, bringing together patients and student doctors and finally, using patient sourced information itself."

2. Teachmeet sessions:
- Quick referencing with QR codes: Sarah Munks and Nicola Howarth. Abstract at (Vicki said: "What they are doing is putting QR codes physically on the front cover of books which link to web pages which tell students how to reference that particular item")
- Project: Mobile Academics: Anna Kågedal, Ninna Wiberg, Linda Vidlund and Ebba Warén. Abstract here (Vicki said: "This was interesting because it is the Library who is running sessions on mobile devices and apps. They have an ENORMOUS number of devices available and they take them along to classes run in the Library and talk about them to researchers and academic staff.")
- No rock stars involved: Capturing the interest of first-year medical students in a health information literacy session Carla Hagstrom and Heather Cunningham. Abstract: (They asked medical students to create their own videos - see where medical students actually find the answers

Vicki and I said more about our chosen sessions, and there was interesting discussion, so do look at the full chatlog here

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