Thursday, April 25, 2013

Library Instruction and Academic Success

Bowles-Terry, M. (2012) "Library Instruction and Academic Success: A Mixed-Methods Assessment of a Library Instruction Program." Evidence based library and information practice, 7 (1). "This study examines the connection between student academic success and information literacy instruction. ... Focus groups with 15 graduating seniors, all of whom had attended at least one library instruction session, discussed student experiences and preferences regarding library instruction. An analysis of 4,489 academic transcripts of graduating seniors identified differences in grade point average (GPA) between students with different levels of library instruction. ... Students value library instruction for orientation purposes as beginning students, and specialized, discipline-specific library instruction in upper-level courses. There is a statistically significant difference in GPA between graduating seniors who had library instruction in upper-level courses (defined in this study as post-freshman-level) and those who did not." (This item isn't brand new, but I noticed it because of an ACRL-related tweet, afraid I can't remember who from)
Photo by Sheila Webber: Lost item series: soft toy: Thessaloniki: April 2013

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