Sunday, March 02, 2014

Metronet Information Literacy Initiative (MILI)

There are some useful resources on the Metronet Information Literacy Initiative website, in particular the 23-Things-type development sessions which can be accessed, and the extensive introductory powerpoint which explains the value of information literacy etc.  "The primary goal of the Metronet Information Literacy Initiative is to advocate for the integration of the MEMO Recommended Standards for Information and Technology Literacy in Minnesota [USA] schools and to advance the teaching of information literacy skills in the classroom. To do this, Metronet has created teacher/media specialist training that focuses on the 5 steps of the research process and incorporating the Three Rs—Research, Reliable Resources, and Responsible Use—into classroom instruction. Web 2.0 tools—blogs, wikis, online collaboration tools, and more—and iPad apps are included in the instruction in context and where using these tools enhances student learning and teaching."
Photo by Sheila Webber: snowdrops, March 2014

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