Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Good MOOC bad MOOC: report 3 #flansoton #futurelearn

At the one-day FutureLearn Academic Network (FLAN) meeting in Southampton and this is my 3rd report. In fact this will be quite short, as there was an interesting presentation on “Quantitative analysis of short online course data to understand learner behaviour?” by Neil Morris (Leeds University), but as it was research in progress he asked us not to tweet which I think also means not blogging. The one thing I can't resist blogging is that for the data set (across 4 MOOCs) that he was analysing quantitatively, the people in the age group 56-65 were the group who "did" most things (in terms of clicking on videos, viewing discussions etc.)
The next presentation was also confidential as Russell Beale talked about Futurelearn course analytics, in a presentation coauthored with David Major; so this was aimed at Futurelearn partners. These are the reports that Futurelearn produce for the people running each MOOC. They aim to give transactional, interactional and conversational data which is "actionable".
I should give a link to the Futurelearn website and the Futurelearn blog
I may blog Naomi's presentation (see previous blog post) tomorrow rather than today.
Photo by Sheila Webber: clover, by the Cherwell, September 2014

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