Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Phenomenographic interviews as a learning process

Today I gave a presentation with Dr Eva Hornung and Dr Shahd Salha (former PhD students) at the SIG Phenomenography conference held at Regent Park College, Oxford. I am not blogging this conference thoroughly, as it is not about information literacy, but I will give some further snippets in a future post. This conference is for people who use the phenomenographic research appoach or variation theory: it takes place every two years and is a great conference as it is fairly small, with great discussions, and delegates include the founders of phenomenography through to new researchers.
As this was a phenomenography conference we did not explain what phenomenography was: so, "Phenomenography is the empirical study of the differing ways in which people experience, perceive, apprehend, understand, conceptualise various phenomena in and aspects of the world around us.” Marton (1994) .

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Anna Korwin said...

I absolutely agree. As I am completing my project, it's becoming obvious how much we can learn from a phenomenographic research.I am learning so much from my interviewees.