Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Perspectives on Student Research Skills in K-12 and Academic Communities

Easybib have released further results from their questionnaire survey of 1,182 school and academic librarians: Perspectives on Student Research Skills in K-12 and Academic Communities. A copy of the questionnaire isn't given, but the main results reported relate to librarians perceptions of learners' skills in evaluating websites (they mostly rate them as rudimentary or average) and the type of IL education given (i.e. is it: Combination (in class, in library), One-shot Only, In Development or non-existent). There were more "one shot" answers from academic librarians and more "none" answers from school librarians (e.g. 26% of "high school" librarians gave the response "no instruction"). The page where you can download the report is at http://info.easybib.com/perspectives-on-student-research-skills-ink-12-and-academic-communities (you have to give them your name and email address before you can download). They quote statistics of a survey of students too, but I can't see any results from that in this report. However, there are some results in the report released earlier in the year here http://info.easybib.com/trends-in-information-literacy-comparative-view e.g. comparing students' perceptions of whether they are good at evaluating websites with librarians' perceptions (though obviously the students don't necessarily some from the same institutions as the librarians, so there have to be caveats about the comparison).
Photo by Sheila Webber: Today is Remembrance Day in the UK. New wreaths and crosses were placed on the Sheffield Weston Park war memorial in the ceremony on Sunday.

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