Thursday, January 15, 2015

Producing Effective Online Programs: Experiences and Lessons Learned: webinar

ASIS&T (Association for Information Science and Technology) is running a webinar Producing Effective Online Programs: Experiences and Lessons Learned on 21 January 2015 at 13.00 US Eastern time (which is 18.00 UK time). It is free for ASIS&T members and US $25 for non-members. "Jeremy L. McLaughlin and Marisa Martinez from SJSU ASIS&T will begin by sharing best practices for planning, hosting, and archiving online programs and webinars. Jeremy, the Chair and former Program Director, will focus on pre-event setup and promotion and ways that organizations can increase exposure and virtual attendance for their events. Marisa is currently Chapter Treasurer and has worked with the campus webinar platform as part of the iSchool Collaborate Project and as a technical moderator for Chapter events. She will review common technical issues faced by speakers and session attendees and offer solutions for working with or through technical difficulties during an event. Based on a recent archiving project, Jeremy will conclude with suggestions for extending the life of your webinars and maximizing post-event discoverability. Karen Miller will wrap up the presentation with a review of her experiences producing ASIS&T webinars for SIG ED. Building on Diane Rasmussen Pennington’s 2012 Webinar on Webinars, Karen will review the procedures for scheduling ASIS&T webinars. Drawn from her experiences during the production of seven ASIS&T webinars, Karen’s practical examples can “demystify” the process for organizations newly interested in producing webinars." You can register at
Photo by Sheila Webber: that is not a fig sitting in the fig tree.

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