Thursday, September 01, 2016

Being Evidence Based in Library and Information Practice

A new book is: Koufogiannakis, D. and Brettle, A. (2016). Being Evidence Based in Library and Information Practice. London: Facet. Paperback 9781783300716. Price: £54.95; CILIP members price: £43.96
There are two parts to the book "in the first part the editors explore the background to EBLIP and put forward a new model for its application in the workplace which encompasses 5 elements: Articulate, Assemble, Assess, Agree, Adapt." There is a chapter for each of these elements. The second part has chapters by other authors focusing mostly on specific sectors. The chapters in this section are:
- Practitioner-researchers and EBLIP - Virginia Wilson
- Academic libraries - Mary M. Somerville and Lorie A. Kloda
- Public libraries - Pam Ryan and Becky Cole
- Health libraries - Jonathan D. Eldredge, Joanne Gard Marshall, Alison Brettle, Heather Holmes, Lotta Haglund and Rick Wallace
- School libraries - Carol Gordon
- Special libraries - Bill Fisher
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