Monday, January 16, 2017

Wikipedia and #1lib1ref

Wikipedia is once more inviting librarians to participate in its #1lib1ref campaign. The idea is that you use your wizard librarianship skills to add references to Wikipedia that need them: however, if you have a class of students who you want to learn about evidencing information, citation practice etc. then this is also a reminder of how you can use Wikipedia for that.
Wikipedia says (and more information about these steps is given here:

"1. Find an article that needs a citation. There are many ways to do this. Here are some strategies.
· Filling a "Citation Needed" using Citation Hunt
· Finding an article with sourcing problems
· Select an article while browsing
· Cite a source from your collection or research
"2. Find a reliable source that can support that article
"3. Add a citation using Wikipedia Style.
"4. Add the project hashtag #1Lib1Ref in the Wikipedia Edit Summary"
Step 5 is telling all your friends and acquaintancies via social media ;-)

There is a blog post about the initiative here:
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