Thursday, September 05, 2019

New articles: social justice; library anxiety; research clinics; misinformation; sociology; MIL laws; #critinfolit

The latest issue of open access journal Communications in Information Literacy (volume 13 issue 1) has been published. Articles are:
- Illuminating Social Justice in the Framework: Transformative Methodology, Concept Mapping and Learning Outcomes Development for Critical Information Literacy by Nicole A. Branch
- Investigating the Effectiveness of a Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Course in Reducing Library Anxiety for Adult Learners by Roslyn Grandy
- Through the Looking Glass: Viewing First-Year Composition Through the Lens of Information Literacy by Alexandria Chisholm and Brett Spencer
- The Context of Authority and Sociological Knowledge: An Experiential Learning Project by Julia F. Waity and Stephanie Crowe
- Research Clinics: An Alternative Model for Large-Scale Information Literacy Instruction by Glenn Koelling and Lori Townsend
- Libraries and Fake News: What’s the Problem? What’s the Plan? by Matthew C. Sullivan
- Analyzing the Laws of MIL: a Five-step Scientific Conversation on Critical Information Literacy by Andréa Doyle
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