Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Integrating information Literacy

Not new, but I just came across it.
Feekery, A. (2013). Conversation and Change: Integrating Information Literacy to Support Learning in the New Zealand Tertiary Context Learning Designs and Teaching Strategies, Research Methodologies. PhD Massey University. This addressed the research question "What factors impact on the successful embedding of information literacy across the four-year Bachelor of Environmental Planning (BEP) programme to support students to be effective learners in higher education?" using participatory action research. Insights and recommendations are also here if you don't want to read the thesis. I have mentioned Feekery before in connection with the Information Literacy Spaces blog. The full thesis is at - https://ako.ac.nz/knowledge-centre/conversation-and-change-integrating-information-literacy-to-support-learning-in-the-new-zealand-tertiary-context/thesis-conversation-and-change/

In case you are interested, I came across it whilst searching for articles from this other PhD study of IL integration in New Zealand higher education (I had had a sudden blank about the author's family name and was doing a lazy search to re-find them)
Wang, X. (Li) (2010). Integrating information literacy into higher education curricula: An IL curricular integration model. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology. https://eprints.qut.edu.au/41747/
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