Thursday, January 30, 2020

Recent articles: staying sane whilst teaching high-enrollment classes; Finland and fake news; Assessment

Two just published, one from Autumn last year
- Rodriguez, J. and Bucciarelli, E. (2020, January 28). Strategies for Staying Sane While Providing Research Support and Instruction in High Enrollment or Research-Intensive Programs. Journal of Creative Library Practice. "Managing the duties of an academic liaison librarian can be a challenge, especially when the liaison departments have high student enrollments. Two librarians from separate comprehensive Michigan universities assigned to the schools of Health Sciences and Nursing, representing ~4,000 students per semester and with 37 years combined experience, discuss a myriad of strategies used to provide instruction and research support both in-person and online for high enrollment programs and tips for keeping sane." (open access journal article)

- Henley, J.(2020, January 29). How Finland starts its fight against fake news in primary schools. The Guardian.
One of resourcesmentioned is the The Media Literacy Index 2019 Unfortunately, with the UK's exit from the European Union sadly only hours away, the comments are more about political posturing than pointing out how librarians have been working at information literacy for years.

- Head, A.J., Bull, A.C. and MacMillan, M. (2019) Asking the Right Questions: Bridging Gaps Between Information Literacy Assessment Approaches. Against the Grain, 31(4). (this is one of their open access articles - the focus is on evaluation/impact as much as assessment).
Photo by Sheila webber: Farmers' market, December 2019

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