Friday, June 30, 2017

Qualitative research; Getting unstuck; Youth digital participation #i3rgu

I'm no longer at the i3 conference at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, but I have a couple of links for presentations I didn't attend today. I won't attempt to do a conference overview, but I will say that I have returned to the i3 conference (every year it's run, I think) because it is the only UK-based conference with a strong focus on research in information behaviour and information literacy. Although, obviously, LILAC does have research papers, it doesn't expicitly cover information behaviour, and there isn't the space to discuss research methods indepth. You can see from the interactive poster (photo - click on it for larger view) that a lot of the delegates were qualitative (rather than quantitative) researchers, which I like. i3 is a fairly small conference (about 80 people this year, I think) with a big presence from international researchers, students (and some practitioners) in IB, IL and related areas such as Information/Knowledge Management. It is a good place to have informal discussions about your research.
Non-sponsored endorsement over with, here are the links:
- Presentation by Todd Richter, Dr Laura Muir, Dr Tom Flint, Professor Hazel Hall and Dr Colin Smith - Getting Unstuck: information Problem Solving in High School STEM Students and Evidence of Metacognitive Knowledge. Abstract at and presentation at
- Alicja Pawluczuk, Professor Hazel Hall, Dr Colin Smith and Dr Gemma Webster had a paper
Measuring the Social Impact of Youth Digital Participation: examining the research gap Abstract at and presentation at
Indeed Hazel Hall has helpfully put links to abstracts and presentations that she co-authored (which covers most of the Napier University presentations) at

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