Friday, April 07, 2006

New articles

I am still (just) in Sweden, after the seminar in Stockholm, which seemed to go well. I will write about that probably tommorrow when I have better computer access, but for the moment I'll mention a new issue of Infotrend, the "Nordic journal for information specialists." This includes an article by Ola Pilerot, who was giving the seminar with me today, and he had some copies to give out. His article is in Swedish, and is about the inhouse information literacy course he ran for a major Swedish company.
There is also an article in English about information literacy and nursing student, written jointly by a librarian and a lecturer. The articles are:
Pilerot, O. (2006) "Informationskompetens i arbetslivet." Infotrend, 61 (1), 15-21.
Bagge, P. and Wierup, L. (2006) "Librarian and teacher in collaboration to improve nursing studies." Infotrend, 61 (1), 22-28.
There is information about Infotrend at but I'm afraid the full text is only available to subscribers.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Cherry blossom buds, Sheffield, April 2006.

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