Friday, September 01, 2006

Cardiff University and IL

Looking up a website for something I'm writing reminded me about web-based material relating to Cardiff University's information literacy, namely:
  • The Information Literacy page on their website.
  • Jackson, C. (2005) "Integrating information literacy into an undergraduate law course." paper presented at the UKCLE seminar on teaching and learning for legal skills trainers, 16 February 2005.
    (this is a paper, not a PowerPoint)
  • Jackson, C. and Clinch, P. (2006) "Information literacy: building the team." PowerPoint presented at Gregynog colloquium 2006.
  • Jackson, C. and Mogg, R. (2004) "Cardiff University." In: Peters, J. (ed) Learning outcomes for information literacy. London: HEA/SCONUL. pp22-30. (this is the web address for the pdf of the whole publication)
  • Mogg, R. (2002) Mogg, R. An investigation into the information literacy skills needs of first-year undergraduates and into an appropriate method of assessing incoming students' information literacy abilities at Cardiff University. MA Dissertation, University of Sheffield Department of Information Studies. Go to and search for Mogg.
  • Thornton, S. (2005) "Embedding information literacy into a politics module: lessons learned from a pilot study at Cardiff University." PowerPoint presented at Liaisons Dangereuses - Where are we going with academic liaison? (Steve Thornton is a Politics lecturer)
Photo by Sheila Webber: Late summer fruits at the Farmers' market, August 2006.


Joolz said...

looks interesting. I like Cardiff uni ... could not open the last powerpoint hthough ... is the link right?

Sheila Webber said...

Hmmm .... it works when I try it ... there is a link to the ppt from (you need to scroll down the page and the link is Steve Thornton's name in the text for the "25th May 2005. Liaisons Dangereuses " event)

Joolz said...

oh thanks ... will do it now!!!