Friday, September 22, 2006

Soon-to-be Dr Mansourian

Today the viva was held of Yazdan Mansourian, a PhD student I have been co-supervising with Professor Nigel Ford. I am pleased to say that subject to minor corrections he will soon be Dr Mansourian. His dissertation is on Information visibility on the web and conceptions of success and failure in web searching. He has maintained an Invisible web weblog through his research, latterly at
Congratulations to Yazdan! In the photo (left to right) Barry Eaglestone (internal examiner), Bill Johnston (External Examiner), Yazdan, Nigel Ford (co-supervisor with me), taken just after the viva. I was taking the photo, obviously.


Kate said...

And I am very interested in the idea of an invisible blog.
I am interested in the difference between visible and invisible learning and was at a seminar at Bristol on Friday debating this.
perhaps I should read Dr Mansourian's thesis?

Yazdan Mansourian said...

Dear Dr. Kate

Thank you indeed for your attention to my research. If you are interested in learning more about my PhD please email me at y.mansourian at and I will provide you with more details about the research.