Saturday, January 13, 2007

5 things about me

While I was away, I was blog tagged by Brian Kelly. There is a meme going round where bloggers give 5 things that people are not likely to know about them. Although it’s several weeks now since I was tagged by Brian, I can’t resist joining in.
1) I was born in Essex, and am therefore an Essex girl. For Australian visitors, Essex Girl means much the same as I believe a “Sheila” does in Australia. However, I attempt to subvert the stereotype by wearing long skirts and sometimes dress head to toe in black (see photo, by the Strauss memorial in the Stadtpark).
2) I am a fan of Babylon 5, and not only have the TV series 1-5 (i.e. all of them) on DVD but am collecting the script books as they come out.
3) I played Anne Frank in an amateur production of the play about her story, shortly after leaving university.
4) The last play I saw was Grillparzer’s “Konig Ottokar’s Gluck und Ende” in the Burgtheater in Vienna at Christmas (just showing off, there ;-)
5) There appears to be a sort of “5 things” competition going on about who did the first internet course in the UK (see Brian's, Phil Bradley’s and Karen Blakeman’s "5 things" blog entries). Actually I can’t compete there, as I did my first talk about Business Sources on the Internet in 1994 and I don’t think I started doing courses on business sources til the following year, but I think I might have had the first UK site with annotated links to Business Information Sources on the Internet (ftp in 94 and a website in 95). In its heyday (it is dead now) it was listed in the Rough Guide to the Internet & the Economist guide to the internet, as well as being on the initial "Business" page in the Yahoo! directory. Happy days.

One is supposed to tag other bloggers, and I choose 5 information literacy-ish people: Yazdan Mansourian, Thomas Hapke, Michael Lorenzen, Moira Bent and Julio Anjos (that is his personal blog in Portuguese, he has information literacy sites including


M said...

I have answered your challenge at

Thanks for thinking of me.


Moira said...

This makes me realise what a boring life I lead! However, I have answered your tag on blog.

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It's done:

Julio Anjos said...

The challenge has been met

Paralel version in Portuguese and English

Sheila Webber said...

Thank you Moira, Julio and Michael for your 5 things!


t-hapke said...

Hi, here is my answer in German and English:

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