Thursday, January 11, 2007

IL in German academic libraries

A resource I'd missed on the German information literacy site is a full text Masters dissertation.
Hütte, M. (2006) Zur Vermittlung von Informationskompetenz an Hochschulbibliotheken: Entwicklung, Status quo, und Perspektiven. [Facilitating information literacy in academic libraries: development, status quo and perspectives.] Köln: Fakultät für Informations- und Kommunikationswissenschaften, Fachhochschule Köln. Linked from

The dissertation is in German, but the English abstract reads: "The present Master’s Thesis deals with information literacy in academic libraries. Following the description of theoretic principles, development and current state of discussion in the US are compared to the situation in Germany, drawing on important surveys, strategic papers and models. The main distinctions between both countries are the different historic initial conditions and the varying general frameworks. The current practice of information literacy in university libraries and libraries of universities of applied sciences in the state of Northrhine- Westphalia is explored within the empiric part by website analysis. It shows that manifold activities to enhance information literacy can be identified, whereas the usability of the websites can be improved. The final part oft the survey outlines possibilities for further improvement of general information literacy in Germany."

Photo by Sheila Webber: Beethoven House in Heiligenstadt, Vienna, Austria, December 2006.

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