Saturday, November 24, 2007

Faculty E-book Survey

ebrary commissioned a survey of 906 academics, the 2007 Global Faculty E-book Survey. The goal was to help understand academics' experience with electronic and printed resources. (from the press release:) "Key survey findings include the following:
• "Approximately 50 percent of respondents indicated they prefer using online resources for research, class preparation, and instruction versus 18 percent who prefer print resources.
• "Eighty-five percent of respondents viewed information literacy as very necessary, compared to 15 percent who stated it is somewhat necessary and less than 1 percent who find it unnecessary.
• "Almost an equal number of faculty members require students to use electronic resources as print for course assignments.
• "Fifty-three percent of respondents indicated that Google and other search engines are powerful tools for finding information. Twenty-nine percent indicated Google and other search engines are more useful tools than the print resources provided by the library, compared to 11 percent who indicated they are more useful than library-provided electronic resources."
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Photo by Sheila Webber: Fountain, Madrid, 2007.

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