Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recent articles

Some recent articles, all from priced publications I'm afraid. Firstly - the major annual annotated bibliography on information literacy has come out, covering 2007 publications. This is biased towards US publications, but is still always tremendously useful.
Johnson, A., Jent, S., and Reynolds, L. (2008) "Library instruction and information literacy 2007" Reference Services Review, 36 (4), 450 - 514.

Then there are a couple of publications which look at information behaviour. The first reports on students use of a self-diagnosis tool and the second is a study of information seeking in Second Life:
Mansourian, Y. (2008) "Contextual elements and conceptual components of information visibility on the web." Library Hi Tech, 26 (3), 440 - 453.

Ostrander, M. (2008) "Talking, looking, flying, searching: information seeking behavior in Second Life." Library Hi Tech, 26 (4). (available as an electronic pre-print, if you subscribe)

Then, some articles talking about using games:
Clyde, J. and Thomas, C. (2008) "Building an information literacy first-person shooter." Reference Services Review, 36 (4), 366 - 380.

Markey, K. et al (2008) "Designing and Testing a Web-based Board Game for Teaching Information Literacy Skills and Concepts." Library Hi Tech, 26 (4). (available as an electronic pre-print, if you subscribe)

Schiller, N. (2008) "A portal to student learning: what instruction librarians can learn from video game design." Reference Services Review, 36 (4), 351 - 365.
Photo by Sheila Webber: Beech tree, Sheffield, November 2008.

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