Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Podcasts from the IFLA conference

Niels Damgaard has posted a number of podcasts, and in many cases accompanying slides, from the IFLA conference that took place last week in Gothenburg, on his Ning for Nordic school librarians, SBNING: http://skolebibliotek.ning.com/. The page that links to each session that is podcast is at http://skolebibliotek.ning.com/profiles/blogs/listen-to-iflasessions

I will pick out a couple of talks: unsurprisingly one of them is mine! This was on Sustaining learning for LIS through use of a virtual world and the podcast is at http://skolebibliotek.ning.com/group/ifla2010session123/forum/topics/sustaining-learning-for-lis though I would be grateful if you would pretend not to look at the accompanying photo!

He has done the same for the pre-conference seminar on school libraries: The future of school libraries in a national and international perspective. The links are all at http://skolebibliotek.ning.com/group/thefutureofschoollibrariesinanationalandinternatio and they include a keynote from Ross Todd.

I already linked to all the podcasts from the IL and Reference session, so I won't highlight those again, but otherwise these caught my eye:
Gunilla Hagman and colleagues: Information literacy - step by step: Result of a partnership between the public library and school libraries in Gävle, Sweden
http://skolebibliotek.ning.com/group/ifla2010session108/forum/topics/information-literacy-step-by and as something different Learning 2 teach - U.S. public libraries from Martin Gomez at http://skolebibliotek.ning.com/group/ifla2010session68/forum/topics/martin-gomez-learning-2-teach
Photo by Sheila Webber: at the IFLA exhibition (photoshopped)


Niels Damgaard said...

Hi Sheila
Posted another photo of you today - hope you like this better ;-)


Sheila Webber said...

Thank you, I am just too vain, I shouldn't have said anything ;-)

And thank you again for the podcasts, they are great