Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Report from IFLA" event in Second Life on 19 August

There will be a one-hour session in Second Life, the virtual world next Thursday August 19th, starting at 12 noon Second Life time (this is the same as Pacific time in the USA, see for start time in other countries. Sheila Webber (Sheila Yoshikawa in Second Life) will report backgive a brief report from the World Library and Information (IFLA) main Conference, 11-15 August, and in particular report with material from the pre-conference satellite meeting 8-9th August on Information Literacy: Context Community Culture (see the conference blog:
The venue for the discussion is Infolit iSchool, as part of the Centre for Information Literacy Research discussion series: location - in order to participate you need a SL avatar (you can get one free on the SL website and need the SL browser installed on your computer (you download it free from that website).

There will be an exhibit of material from this satellite conference (part of which is shown in the picture) to stimulate discussion. Please come along in particular if you participated in the satellite event or the main conference, to contribute your views!

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Unknown said...

That was a very interesting presentation, I really enjoyed it. Many thanks for that and hopefully I will have more chances to chat with you about IL and its related topics and issues in the future. Cheers,
Huy Nghiem