Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Information Literacy in my future career

Today students in one of my classes exhibited their posters on What Information means in my future career. This is a class of 90 students, mostly taking our MSc Information Management or MA Librarianship. About two thirds of them are from outside the UK (particularly from China) and many of them are not intending to work in libraries: this year Information Management students named careers including IT consultant, working in accountancy, and managing an e-business.
As part of the core Information Resources and Information Literacy class they create posters illustrating what aspects of information literacy will be important in their future careers. They use flip charts and pens mostly, though in some cases 3D items and pictures were added (and one poster had a QR code!). They work in groups of about 6. Last week they started on the posters in a one-hour seminar and this week they finished them (though some had done some work in between) and we had the exhibition from 11-12. People circulated and discussed the posters. The aim is to develop understanding about what IL means personally, and what aspects are important for you to develop further, and it also develops awareness of what information literacy means in different work contexts.
I always find it exciting to see the variety of posters and to hear the discussions about information literacy going on around the posters. I included some information about the activity in this conference poster. Unfortunately most of the photos I took of the event are rather poor, these are a couple of the better ones.

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