Monday, August 13, 2012

Posters at #WLIC2012 searching tutorial and course development

I will have a few posts over the next few days covering a few of the 190(!) posters at the IFLA World Library and Information Conference in Helsinki, Finland. Firstly, here is one by Terje Blasternes at the University of Stavanger, Norway: Searching scholarly information and citing sources: e-learning courses in information literacy.They cover searching and evaluation: the tutorials (in Norwegian) are at

Secondly, a poster by Sarah Bordac and Carina Cournoyer of Brown University, USA: Lining up the guideposts: integrating media and information literacy frameworks for first year university students. They have examined a range of existing standards and frameworks (as listed on the poster), and found that none of them gave exactly what they wanted. However they have drawn on them to develop their own framework, and are currently at the pilot stage.

I found a libguide on searching at Brown by Sarah Bordac here: and you may also be interested in a list of resources drawn up by an intern at Brown University.

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